Friday, September 19, 2008

Diaperless At Nite

I try to let wilson diaperless at nite, It's work fine for 2 days already. I'm very glad on him, I think he has sucessfully no need to wear diaper at night and we can save some cost because of no need to buy diaper for him.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


过后就给他洗脸,不敢给他冲凉。带他去药房看医生,那位医生也不肯定是什末是,给了他一点敏感的药吃和擦,然后叫我们明天再来看。回到家后因为还不能肯定是不是出水痘,所以我就带他去姑婆家,让他在那边玩,到了下午5点,我去接他回时,发现到他的红点更多了,我就很怕,跟老公商量后就带他去给DR SIM看,DR SIM说是严重的allergy,给了一些药,大约4,5天才会好的。真的是难为了wilson,看到他一直一直在捉痒,就很心疼,晚上又不能睡,我惟有帮他爬痒咯。

Sunday, April 20, 2008

1st Tag I received

Thanks ester for this lovely award....beautiful crystal ball:)

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I would like to pass this award to:
1. Slavery Bliss
2. 慧慧
3. Sabrina
4. Sharine

My E-Shop

Long time din;t write my blog, I think more than a month.
What I'm Busy? ya..I busy to setup my e-shop, and also busy to take care 2 prince.
Finally I have setup my E-Shop, do visit my shop while you free, . Actually my shop is not completed upload all the products, I have over 500 products need to upload, it take times, so I will do it slowly.
I'm selling Rattan & Bamboo Handicraft, Denim Bag, Tea, Jewelry and etc. In future I'll selling extra size jeans & shirts for the fatty fatty fellow.:)
Why I named my shop as e-variety? "E" means the e-shop then "variety" means that I have variety type of product need to sell at my shop.
I'm also doing wholesales order so if you have friend that have a gift shop or flower shop and would like to order my basket, please ask them contact me and I can give them a special discount.
At last, enjoy your online shopping at my shop.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

1st Time after confinement

After confinement until now , my period never come yet, I think is because I'm fully breastfed Nickson. Today is the 1st time I have period, I heard people say that once our period come, then our milk supply will drop. Now I started to worry that don;t know my milk supply will drop or not cause I didn't keep any stock at my freeze.
Really hope that mt milk supply didnt drop lah...:)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bye Bye Pacifier

Wilson has successfully wean off the pacifier, my next mission is want to train him diaperless at night.
On Thaiphusam that day, I cut off wilson pacifier and told him that the pacifier was eatan by the mouse already, then he cry and request want to use his brother pacifier,(this is my fault, I forget to hide Nickson pacifier, actually his brother never use the pacifier, I buy it just for incase he want to suck). ok, then I give him cause can't hide already. Then the next day before he sleep he request again the pacifier then I told him that his pacifier broken already cause mouse ate it, then he wan his brother pacifier, then I told him that the pacifier was stolen by the mouse. Then he request want his cousin pacifier, then I told him again can't, his uncle will scold him if he take his cousin pacifier. He cry for a while then I pat him, about 10 minutes he sleep.
The 3rd day before he sleep he look for pacifier again, then I ask him, what happen to your pacifier, then he annswer me that mouse eat already...hehehe...he know it but surprise that he not request or cry, just playing his patrick toys then sleep.......horray..... he have successful wean off...only 3 days.........

Nickson 8 months already!!!!

Time going very fast, nickson 8 months already, below is his milestone development.

- Weight : 10.5kg( weight 6/2/08)

- Can pull himself up to standing position now by grabbing on to the rail bar of the baby cot.

- Can wave bye bye to people when we ask him to wave bye bye

- Still breastfeeding

- like to eat porridege & bread.

- like to eat apple, papaya & banana.

- Dunno why now cant sleep through the night, always ask for milk at midnite, sometimes 2 or 3 times a nite, mummy feel very tired but lucky is breastfeed so mummy can feed him while sleepy..:)

- nap 3 times a day, 10.30am, 2.30pm & 5.30pm but everytime only 1/2 to 1 hours only.

- like to play with koko but koko always bully him.

- still cant called mummy & daddy, everytime when want to ask people carry him he will say "dada dada".

- like to blow bubbles.

- still very stick to papa

- walk very well with walker